When Annie Visits Your museum or fayre
Choose from
*Annie the spinner,
*Annie the braid maker
*Annie the basket maker
*Annie the net maker
*Mistress Reed blackwork embroiderer
*Mistress Reed laundress and ruff setter
*Mistress Reed of the Still Room
*Mistress Reed the subtlety maker
*Mistress Reed, merchant's wife - see wonders from her husband's voyages
*Mistress Reed, merchant's wife - play selection of games

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Museum Visits and Historical Interpretations

Enhance your Medieval, Tudor or Elizabethan fair or day with one of Annie's personas. Choose from demonstrations of Tudor crafts or ways of life, or running a hands on Tudor activity. Annie happily prattles on to folk about the little things in her Tudor life while working: her early life as a maid in a grand house, her marriages, and her pride that her three sons are doing well; in the military, as a potter and apprentice to a wheelwright.

Spinning Weaving Baskets
Netting Stillroom Subtleties
Laundress Merchant Games