If you wish to buy in bulk there are deals for quantity on the Trade page.This just applies to the haberdashery I make and have in stock - like my aiglets, hooks, eyes, pins and needles.

To discuss the making of a costumes, to buy Tudor accessories and toys, to put together a box of Tudor goods, to inquire about museum visits or Tudor hands on activities please send an email to Annie

Thank you

Annie the Pedlar
21 Bluebell Close
RH12 5WB

Tel. 01403 256 932

The Law
I do my best to be a good law abiding citizen. The latest rules and regulations decreed from above do addle my wits a little but I can say -

Cookies - this site does not use cookies. If you are lucky I might offer you a biscuit if you come for a costume fitting.

Privacy - if you want me to post something I will ask for your address.
Any information you give me is written in an order book. When it's full its stored in the attic.
Copies of any invoices I send out are kept, filed, then stored in the attic. The UK tax man insists I keep them for 6 years.
Any emails you send me are filed on my computer. My computer doesn't have an attic. It has a cloud.
I don't do lists, I don't do newsletters. I don't sell information about people. I have learnt the hard way I ought to charge for sharing my expertise but keep forgetting to. You might have guessed I'm too busy making things to bother much with the work of scribes and clerks.

I hope my life can continue on the friendly, joyful, caring, sharing, chatty way it has with my customers in the past.

Your humble servant,
Annie the Pedlar.