There is contemporary evidence for leather juggling balls and scarves. There are pictures of people juggling with sticks. Poi with streamers can be passed as daytime substitutes for fire balls by the very cheeky juggler.

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Woolen juggling balls - suitable for beginers and children over 3 years old. They are filled with plastic pellets so dry out quickly if they get wet. £2 each

Leather juggling balls - hand stitched filled with dried peas.
Or for a solid ball filled with wool.

£10 each - plain
£15 each - patterned
Linen squares - hemmed by hand 12"x 12"
Silk squares - hemmed by hand 9"x 9"
£5 each
Flower sticks - made of wood and leather. £30 each
Poi - leather bags on steel or brass falconry swivels and chains. £30 a pair - plain
£35 a pair - with streamers
Wooden clubs £30 a set